The Times Union on Tips for Keeping an Empty Home Safe

Posted by sunrise255 on January 10th, 2022

Sunrise Management & Consulting’s Chief Strategy Officer Heather Schechter contributed to a Dec. 5, 2021, Times Union article on “Tips for Keeping an Empty Home Safe.”

From the article:

Preparation to be away isn’t for homeowners only. Heather Schechter, chief strategy officer at Sunrise Property Management and Consulting, said the company rents to snowbirds and residents who leave for long periods. In addition to letting a friend know they will be away, renters should let their building manager know departure and return dates. Whoever the friend is who is appointed to check on the apartment will need to bring ID with them. Renters should also let their neighbors know they will be away, and a maintenance supervisor will check the apartment once a week to make sure everything is OK — no leaks or frozen pipes.

Climate control applies in apartments, too, Schechter said, she recommends setting the heat at 50 to 55 in the winter and the air conditioner at 80 to 85 in the summer.

Remove food from the refrigerator and freezer, but don’t turn it off. Leave it plugged in, with the doors closed.

If you’re leaving a car, notify the property manager and leave a set of keys so the car can be moved for snow removal or parking lot maintenance.

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Created 1/10/2022