Building Financial Success through Real Estate Investment

Sunrise focuses on creating wealth through real estate investments. In this era of constantly changing markets, demographics, and operating costs, it takes more than just commitment to grow and prosper. We look beyond the bricks and mortar of real estate to analyze how property investment, ownership, and disposition can accelerate wealth creation while building great communities.

Investment Partnerships

Great Communities are Great Investments. Sunrise invests in Great Communities through a variety of joint ventures which not only expands the income opportunities for investors but also delivers the tax benefits of real estate ownership.

Investment Services

The Sunrise Investment services team provides financial analysis, detailed market research, physical due diligence and expertise in negotiating and structuring transactions.

Investment Strategy

  • Develop specific investment strategies for achieving financial goals by pre-qualifying each investment using financial modeling of projected performance and historical market data to calculate its current and potential value.

Acquisition and Due Diligence

  • Provide accurate and well-supported property valuation with analysis of market dynamics that affect long-term values. We work through property documentation to understand current and future obligations and risk scenarios based on lease expirations and deferred maintenance.

Investment Structuring

  • Structure financing to best suit real estate investment goals and objectives, provide a maximum tax advantage, and to return long-term investment performance.


  • Working with our affiliate company, Sunrise Realty Advisors, we determine the best time frame and process to sell your property investment, taking into account potential tax ramifications and the market cycle to generate the most substantial return on investment.

Opportunity Awaits

Our innovative thinking and aggressive attitudes have kept us and our partners in forefront of the real estate investment industry. Complete the form below to find out what investment opportunities we have available now and how you can be a part of our success.