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Sunrise Management’s Jesse Holland on the importance of In-Building Public Safety

Sunrise Management & Consulting President, Jesse Holland spoke in a webinar on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 along with three other speakers to discuss the importance of staying up to date with in-building public safety codes.


Why are inspections important? Bottom line: owners and property managers need to know if there are any unreported maintenance issues that may devalue property or even pose health concerns for residents.

Advice from a Canine Relations Expert

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInToday, a pet friendly policy is not unusual.  Both Boomers and Millennials – the largest renter demographics – love their furry friends.  So, how do you make your community stand out from other pet friendly apartment-

Marketing Plan

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInWith the constant demands put upon property managers, marketing can sometimes take a back seat to more urgent needs.  But, marketing is crucial to maintaining high occupancy rates.  Spending a couple hours developing a roadmap to-

Real Estate is a Local Game

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInSo, what, exactly, does that mean?  Several things, actually.  It means that local market conditions are unique.  For instance, while we in the Capital Region are experiencing growth in the housing market after a long dip,-


Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInFor many, summer is a time to unwind, relax and have a little fun.  Your residents, I’m sure, are no exception.  However, summer does come with its own safety concerns which should be addressed with your-

Sunrise Management & Consulting Releases 2015 Multifamily Rental Market Report

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInSunrise Management & Consulting Releases 2015 Multifamily Rental Market Report Capital District Rents Rise 5.4% as Local Economy Grows and Demand Increases Albany, NY – June 17, 2015 – Sunrise Management & Consulting today announced the-

Taking a Customer-Centric Approach to Marketing

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInWhen considering marketing strategies, many organizations focus on attracting new business.  In my role as a real estate marketing consultant and investment strategist, I have seen competitors push aside current clients in order to accommodate potential-