Together We Thrive

Posted by sunrise255 on July 28th, 2022

On July 26, 2022, Sunrise Management & Consulting, The Inn at Century House, and New Abode, LLC employees came together for Together We Thrive, our first multi-company event.

Under the tent at The Inn at Century House, we enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by team-building and communication-enhancing activities led by Livia Walker of Koppett, who uses improv to build teams. After dessert, we relaxed and played lawn games.

We built deeper connections with coworkers, met colleagues from the different companies, and learned to enhance our communication skills through improv. This was our agenda:

Together We Thrive: The Power of Collective Resilience through Improv

For better or worse, the last few years have proven that we are improvising all the time. The skills that allow us to support customers, collaborate with teams, and empathize with colleagues in times of crisis are the same skills that help us connect in meaningful ways with new company members, reflect on our accomplishments with pride, and allow ourselves to indulge in joy and celebration freely. In this interactive workshop, we will:

  • Build connections between individuals and teams
  • Create shared experiences based in supportive collaboration
  • Leave feeling more connected, energized, and rejuvenated

Thank you to all who could join us!